Macadamia Treats


Dear Fellow Lover of Sharing Special Moments

Is there anything more Australian, than sharing your favourite drink and a savoury treat with your mates or someone special? This duck doesn’t think so, and I even put my name on it!

That’s why at Duck Creek, we love to share our passion for macadamias the best way we know how, with fantastic savoury flavours that enhance the sweet nutty goodness of Australia’s indigenous nut, the macadamia.

And we know sometimes you just need that tasty snackable, so for the times you want a luxury snack to treat and delight, our Ducks Nuts snackable range have you covered.

Go true blue, be a great mate, treat a cobber and share fun and memorable moments with our sensational range of fair dinkum savory treats. They really are the Ducks Nuts.

And to make it easy, you can find my savory nuts in all good liquor stores, gift shops and duty free, and of course online in our delightful hampers.

Cheers! Enjoy good times. 

XO Edward D Duck