Natural Macadamia Body Moisturiser – 60ml

A light, silky body moisturiser that hydrates and freshens skin. Works to protect against damaging free radicals and enables skin to maintain its natural moisture balance to prevent moisture loss. Absorbs quickly, instantly soothing and hydrating the skin for a lovely, silky feel with a light, fresh ready to go feeling.

Key Ingredients
Organic macadamia oil, aloe vera juice, rapeseed, active seaweed extracts, witch hazel extract, carrot infused oil, calendula oil, apricot oil, lavender oil

Key Benefits
• All-natural ingredients for a safe and effective application
• Soothes and cools the skin
• Provides proper hydration and nourishment to the skin
• Works to rejuvenate dull or tired skin
• Low allergy frequent use for all skin types

How to Use
Apply a small amount on skin and gently massage in. Re-apply as required.