Natural Macadamia Body Scrub – 60ml

The luxury of exfoliating the body and promoting skin health through its natural life cycle, leaves your skin soft and smooth. Your skin care routine starts here, gently invigorating the skin, lifting old skin, and preparing the new skin for the replacement of key oils and nutrients.

The ultimate in natural skin resurrection starts with a luxury scrub, and a little effort from you.

Key Ingredients
Organic macadamia oil, active seaweed extracts, lavender oil and organic glycerine

Key Benefits
• Removal of dry and dead skin
• Increased circulation to skin and lymph nodes
• Replacement of nutrients and oils
• Prepares skin for application of moisturisers
• Calming and relaxing scents
• Low allergy frequent use for all skin types
• Fresh and vital skin

How to Use
Use two to three times a week in shower or bath. Wet skin in warm water for 5 minutes before stopping water flow to apply body scrub. Apply a small amount of body scrub to the hands and gently massage into the skin in a circular motion. Rinse.