Macadamia Oil – Not all oils are equal

Australia’s wonder oil. Rich in nutrients and vitamins, macadamia oil is a non-greasy, light high penetration oil, that promotes skin well-being and anti-aging through increased hydration and natural protection barriers.

• Low comedogenic – It won’t clog your pores
• A natural replacement sebaceous oil – Your body’s natural oil of youth
• Hypoallergenic and contains phytosterols – Low occurrence of allergic reaction, great for aged, sensitive or irritated skin
• Rich in natural vitamin E – Blocking the free radicals, reducing wrinkles and keeping skin youthful
• Omega 6 linoleic acid – For balancing sebum production and a natural protective barrier
• Omega 7 palmitoleic acid – For wound healing properties
• Squalene – For relief of cracked and chapped skin


Seaweed Extract – The ultimate barrier

Used for centuries all around the world, seaweed extract is natures power force of skin care.
It naturally stimulates, revitalises, protects and nourishes, as well as acting as a natural barrier against moisture loss. Macadamia oil provides the hydration and  seaweed extract keeps it there, whilst the same time actively promoting anti-aging and antibacterial properties.