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Hello Lovers of Macadamia Treats

Welcome To Duck Creek Macadamias, I’m your host, Edward D Duck, Duck of Residence.

Our treats are for those of refined tastes, purveyors of the sweet Australian macadamia nut, wonderfully combined with rich and subtle flavours to delight the “global” palate. A nut for every occasion, a gift of distinction, or treat to savour.

But like all refined Aussie gents, I like to let my feathers down occasionally too, and enjoy a social event. A savory accompaniment, something I just whipped up in the kitchen or threw on the BBQ. I drizzle and embellish to impress, with gourmet macadamia treats and desserts to leave the pond for.

I know you will love Duck Creek Macadamias, of course you would, it’s named after me, and the most beautiful spot in the world!

Welcome to my home, and please, stay a while.

XXOX Edward D Duck


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