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From the beauty of the Byron Bay Hinterland to you...

Our world famous treats are for those of refined tastes, purveyors of the sweet Australian macadamia nut, wonderfully combined with rich European style chocolate and subtle flavours to delight the “global” palate. A nut for every occasion, a gift of distinction, or treat to savour.

I know you will love Duck Creek Macadamias, of course you would, it’s named after me, and in the most beautiful spot in the world!

Yours Truly

Edward D Duck

Duck de Resindence 

Snack and Gift Range

Chocolate coated, honey roasted and savoury delights. These Macadamias are great to share, but sometimes you just need a treat!

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Edward Box Range

Delicious premium fresh whole macadamias from the beautiful Duck Creek farm. Chocolate coated, honey roasted and savoury.  They so good Edward puts his name on them.

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Premium Jar Range

Combine European style chocolate, our world famous whole fresh roasted macadamia nuts and flavours to tempt every palate. Our international favourite.

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Distinction Gift Range

Gifts that impress and are enjoyed. Our beautiful whole macadamia treats in sensational tins and gift boxes that will always delight.

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Gourmet Delight Range

Only the freshest premium ingredients. Macadamia honey, oils, pastes and spreads. The delights of farm living in the Byron Bay Hinterland! 

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